Sleeping In

Sleeping In

Parents, please understand that, as teenagers, sleep is very important. Schedule doctor appointments, parties and everything later in the day (sometime between 10 and noon would be fine).

When kids were little, they played all day and slept very little even though they had all the time they wanted to do so. Kids played with their toys, ran around and laughed. They were kids and that’s what they loved doing the most.

As teenagers, children start to realize how important and useful a little extra sleep can do to help the rest of their hard day at school. Whether it’s busy on the computer, texting their friends or playing a sport, sleep is always one of the top things that they love to do. Some teens could, and probably would, drop whatever they’re doing to get some more hours of sleep during the day.

Later on in life, children grow up and become “adults” going to college. They soon learn to schedule every hour of every day for useful time management (if they don’t know how to already). They become more responsible as they rush to appointments, deadlines and classes. Sleep is rare with all the studying, work and classes to attend to.

In the “real” adult stage after college and venturing into the world, jobs come handy. The little children you once saw running around in the kitchen with their dolls or transformer toys are getting their own jobs and earning money. With the jobs they have (doesn’t matter what job), they have a big chance of being stressed with the bills, duties and deadlines. Again, sleep becomes rare and probably won’t come by until it’s very necessary.

The naps and time sleeping in that teenagers have now-a-days doesn’t stay for that long. Let them take advantage of the time they have now instead of watching them cramming to find time later in life to catch up on some sleep.

Just a suggestion


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