Writer’s Block Antidote

Writer’s Block Antidote

My friend and I, both “writers”, had writer’s block at the same time. She told me that she finally got over hers when playing a sport she’s into.

So I then go and say that I’m still stuck with mine and if she would mind helping me get rid of it. She told me to go read a list of emotions and write about the first one that really hits me. At first I didn’t really think it would work but as I tried it out, a bunch of ideas popped right into my brain. I read down the column of emotions and BOOM! my writer’s block was demolished to dust.

So if there’s anyone out there stressed over getting rid of their writer’s block, then you guys should try this. It might just help you get rid of it 😀

But if it doesn’t (not everything works for everyone), then I’m sorry and I would just give it a few days and take a break from writing. That’s usually what I did when I hit a block before.

Good luck fellow “writers” and writers 🙂


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