Break Downs

Break Downs

Don’t you hate those moments where you don’t know what to do with yourself? You’re just so confused and maybe even a little scared that you just start sobbing. You cry and cry and it just seems to feel worse and worse.

And then once when you are able to pick yourself up again and wipe your tears, someone asks if you are okay and you fall even further down again.

Those moments where all you want is someone to hug you tightly and say that everything is going to be okay, that you aren’t alone and that they will always be there with you (and make you believe them that it’s true).

Sometimes those moments come by and no one around to notice and you just feel even worse and alone. But those are the moments where you pick yourself up with no one’s help and become even stronger than you were before.

Things might be hard but…if everything isn’t okay, it isn’t the end.


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