Does Anyone Ever Think Like This?

Does Anyone Ever Think Like This?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live another person’s life? What kind of person you would have turned out to be if things had been different? How different things would be if you just had everything you wanted? Does anyone think of any of that?

Whether it’s because that person has it better than you (in your perspective) or you just want to know what their life is like, everyone wants to live a different life at least one in their own lifetime. But why? If you think about it, when you are wishing you had something or someone that another has, one your own possessions might have been being wished for by someone you might not even know of. Everyone seems to want whatever it is that isn’t theirs. Even when everything they would ever need is right in front of their face. The problem is, they don’t see it but people on the outside do, that’s the reason why they want what you have.

If one thing that you lived through hadn’t really occurred, then you, as a person, wouldn’t be the same since the affects of that event were never there. Everything you’ve been through creates you as who you are today. Without all the hard, unhappy and depressing moments in your life, you wouldn’t be you anymore. The events we go through shapes us as our mind and body learns to protect ourselves from what it has to deal with. Once you take away all that hurt and disappointment you might have dealt with, you might not be as strong as you turned out to be after dealing with such things.

Everyone wants their life to be easy, happy and peaceful, with no drama, hurt, disappointment and abandonment, but things don’t always turn out like that. But why can’t things be how many people wish it to be? The world might be more peaceful, happy and more put together as a whole. Without the sadness and hatred in our lives, would be really feel hurt for others? Once we obtain the happiness we all crave for so much, naturally we would want more of it and for that possession to never disappear. But as a chain reaction, it seems to be that every time someone gains happiness, someone is hurt (they are rarely connected). When you go out to find more of this happiness element, you tend to go hurt others and that would cause them pain. But if pain didn’t exist, there would not be an element to alert the mind to stop what it’s doing. The chain reaction would go on and on. Maybe in reality, without the feelings of pain, disappointment and abandonment, the world would be an even worse place to live.


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