It seems pretty legit to have all these special kids gathered to study on their abilities. A lot of people have talents that, even they don’t know about. So I find it really cool that someone has made a school for people to get out of their comfort zones and experiment with some of the things they like to do.

A hobby is just a hobby until you take it seriously. Then it could become your life and one of the things you’re super excited to wake up in the morning.

College is a great place to learn about one specific topic of interest, but sometimes it’s just a little too late to experiment around and find new things you like to do. College is a place to get set in life, and for some, learn what life’s about. But some people don’t have the advantage to pick for themselves what they want to be when they group up, so they never get to give their interests much thought. The school of OCSA, I believe, is a place where you can experiment as young children, or teenagers.

As teenagers, they have their lives in front of them and have time before they have to set down and pick some one thing to major in. A lot of people don’t end up going for their own dreams, but another’s dream for them. Kids these days are pressured into doing what the family thinks is best for their future and success. Most don’t have the courage to say ‘no’ to one thing to chase after another. Sometimes it’s because so many people have told them of failure in that major or just because they’re scared to do what their parents didn’t want them to.

OCSA seems to be that place where kids and children can gather and discuss the likes of each major, discover new talents, and experience the world from their own point of view.

I personally have never gone to the fascinating school of OCSA that I’ve heard so much about. But if you look into it, I think you’ll agree that it’s not a normal everyday school you see down the block.


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