Care…Too Much?

Care…Too Much?

With the little things like “bad for your health”, “don’t push yourself” and “watch out”, everyone has that one person who takes it over the stars. Every little thing is mentioned the your safety and health are usually the most important to discuss when you do something they don’t like.

At first, when the attention is fresh and the words at new, it’s very sweet to hear from someone different. But as days turns to weeks, and weeks to months, sometimes it becomes a nag to hear the things that might make you feel like a helpless child.

You always get that they care and you appreciate it, but at some points you think they are on your back about every little thing. The frustration and annoyance builds up after every time and at a point you push them off from you. That way you get the space that you need, after the possibility of feeling suffocated, but that might hurt that person too. In the end, they were only trying to look out for you and take care of someone they love.

They care(d)…but was it too much for you to handle?


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