Friends Are Always There

Friends Are Always There

They are the people who are always there for you. Through sunny days or stormy nights, your friends will always find a way to get you through things.

Some people, to you, may seem like they don’t know how to appreciate these friends, think it’s better to not tell anyone anything, or say they are fine when they are truly just scared. You should be understanding to these people because you might not know what they have been through to stand here in front of you today. Even though you think they need help or want to be loved but they are saying that they are fine, just leave them alone.

They appreciate the kind words and the offer of helping and you being there for them, but they know what’s best for them and they know what works with them. Everyone has different ways with dealing with things and everyone is all different as a person. You can’t expect two people to have the same exact reactions to things or deal with things the same way. There are different people in the world, you just need to learn how to get along, be friends and understand the doings of one another.

To these people out there, I know that you are scared to tell anyone anything. I know that you are terrified, maybe, to let someone in because that just means giving them a chance to hurt you. It’s scary and it’s frustrating to get outside of your shell and show the world who you are. I understand what you’re going through. Because I’m going through it myself. But hang in there, like someone once said, “Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” So stay strong because there are people out there who love you. I know that’s what you need to hear and what you yearn to feel, but I’m not saying it just because I know that. I’m saying it because it’s true. Someone, somewhere on this planet, really does love you.

We are all in this together. Let’s make the best of it. For everyone around you, and yourself.


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