There are always going to be people who don’t like what you do, disagree with what you believe or just dislike who you are for some random reason. But don’t let them get to you, when they are hating for no reason but to hate, and don’t let them have a reason to hate you even more. When you fight back and start arguing or planning vengeance because of something they said, it just becomes another reason for them to collect more hate towards you. If you were to let it go and not pay much attention to the distant situation, that could really be nothing, then it would just disappear with the time. Just give it a rest and let it go because if you don’t give them a reason to hate you, they wouldn’t have one and therefore wouldn’t hate you. It’s just as simple as that.

Some people just try to make drama for the attention, but if they don’t get satisfied with the amount of attention they receive, they will stop. It’s just as easy as that. It’s your choice to make. Do you want to have another stressful situation in your life? Or do you want it to just be short phase that will soon go away?


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