Opposite Much….

Opposite Much….

Luckiest girl ever? ha right now I feel like the most unlucky girl ever. I know it’s for the best (according to everyone else) that I leave, but…even if I go through with it…I will NEVER forgive myself for doing so. I have my friends counting on me…they depended on me and I told them I could be trusted…I can be…but I guess that’s false since I’m leaving. It hurts so much to leave them. I can’t bare hurting them. But it’s them or my family…I don’t have any other choice. I don’t have a choice. I want to stay with them…but I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds. -sigh- I just hope that they won’t forget me. I love them so much…I know for sure that I will NEVER forget them.

Wherever they are right now in their lives…I promise I’ll be back. When everything settles down, I will come see you guys. When a year or two have pasted, and you guys hopefully haven’t forgotten me, I will come back. Until then…I will miss you guys dearly. But just because we have parted right now, doesn’t mean our paths won’t cross again. I will make sure they do. Don’t worry. Until that time, that we meet again, promise me that you guys will try to live your lives like normal. I know that I have been a big part of your lives and it will be different, but…I’m sorry. I hope you guys will have the best lives that you can…even if it’s without me for now. I will miss you guys and I know you’ll miss me.

I know that it may seem like I have abandoned you guys, but I’m still here. I wish I could be there for you physically as well but I can’t. I’ll never forgive myself for leaving, but, trust me when I say that I’ll be back.

Trust me….I’ll be back


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