2 Months…2 Things Different? Or 20?

2 Months…2 Things Different? Or 20?

It’s been two months since I’ve stepped on that beloved campus ground…67 days to be exact. I wonder how things have changed since I’ve only heard stories. I’m curious about how I have changed and whether they will remember me the same way I remember them. Will everything be different or has everything remained the same? Questions run through my mind unstop without a sign of a break, but I can’t do anything but wait to see what happens next.


I’ve dreamed of setting foot there one day. I’ve fantasized about seeing the familiar sights. But what happens when it’s all I ever wished for it to be? At least that would be easier then having to not meet my high standards, since I would end up waiting for the next visit instead of regretting ever going there.


There are so many things that rush through my mind. The places I loved standing, the things I never did, the words I had said and the live I had left; they all stand out to me as I wait for the night to end and the sun to shine. I wait for the rays hit my window glass, shine through my empty walls and brighten up my day as it signals the time to go back to where I came from, the place I grew up and learned the things I love to do, and the place I dream of being.


There’s only four more hours until day 67 is gone and day 1 of a new round can start its count.


I can’t wait ❤


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