Given Another Chance…Without Knowledge

Given Another Chance…Without Knowledge

It’s been a while since the last time my friend opened up to me. After all the stupid times I tried to fix things for them with another of our friends, it wasn’t too surprising that she lost hope in me and decided it was best if I was kept out of her thoughts. All the times that I tried to help had ended up making things worse….

It’s been a long stressful week and I’ve been really on edge. Of course when she gave me another chance and opened up to me, I didn’t know what was going on at the time, I lashed out at her with anger and frustration. I don’t know where it came from but all I know is that it shouldn’t have gone to her. She is the last person I want(ed) to hurt….

She forgave me. For the lashing out at her. But when I asked her to rethink the second chance, she corrected me saying “third chance”. I was shocked but a part of me knew she was right. I had let her down once again. 

…I just don’t want to loose this friend. I’ll leave her alone for the time being, hoping that it’s not going to be too long. 

A Story Unfinished But Loved

A Story Unfinished But Loved

A story was written nearly two weeks ago. It was never finished. It hasn’t been done. But it’s loved anyways.

I’ve started to write my own story during a short period of two days. There was nothing much that was on my head about the plot but I knew where I wanted to start and where I would like to finish at. After a page or two, I would give it to a friend to read and give feedback on. It was when I read her first piece of feedback (I remember it was about a full page long and very, very detailed.) that I remembered how lucky I was to have her there to read it.

Before I had met my friends, no one really shared my interest or even knew about my writing. There had been a few people who read my pieces when I first started, but they were never detailed. Instead they were plain sentences like “Wow! That was good!”, “I love reading this!”, “That piece was awesome!”, “You are so talented” or whatever they could come up with. 

With this one particular friend, her feedback was as detailed as I could ever wish for. She picked apart my writing from detail to detail and, in return for my story itself, she gave me feedback unlike any other.

This is when I realized I am very lucky to have her and my other friends, who have also helped me through my writing and supported me throughout the way. To someone to writes, the feedback, that is sometimes lacking, and the support from their readers and just their friends and family in general mean more than anyone else could know. All the support that they get can be their inspiration and their courage to speak out and try new things with their writing. The feedback is always helpful, because without it you wouldn’t really know where you are at from another’s point of view. It also helped with the inspiration portion as well.

This story I’ve been working on still hasn’t been finished but it’s very loved by the few friends that I let read it. It’s something new I’ve been trying out and, so far, it’s done a lot better than I would have expected. 

I’m grateful for the people who have helped me to this point, encouraged me to write more, lended the feedback I needed and just inspired to try new things with my skills. Thank you for all of you out there

It’s A New Year

It’s A New Year

Year 2014!

Chinese Zodiac Animal: Horse

Chinese New Years: January 31, 2014

It’s a new year! Did everyone stay up for the countdown? Wasn’t it beautiful?

Honestly, when I think about it, the whole countdown concept seems to be blown out of proportion. Everyone can see when the new year begins, so why does everyone spend so much money on a simple countdown? Just to go to Vegas to watch this huge thing, spend all that money, and to just stand with millions of people crowded around you. Is it really worth it? I get that the new year is this big thing now but to go through all that trouble just to say “Happy New Years!” is just too much. It’s nice to celebrate the new year and tell yourself to change some things, but is it really that important to make it this huge thing?

When you look around today, it being New Year’s Day, do you feel like anything’s different? It’s a new year, but has anything really changed? So why is this day, out of any other, so important? The New Year’s revolution lists, that can be written any day of the year. You can make plans to change something at any time you wish. So why is this list to important?

This is all my opinion though. If you are one of those people who value this day and these traditions, then that’s you. It’s just a matter of different opinions.

These are my opinions but, in the end, I should say the one line everyone has probably been hearing since midnight:

Happy New Years!