Familiar Atmosphere

Familiar Atmosphere

The familiar atmosphere and characteristics are reminding
But I’m weary about which person I love and which person I see there being
The person I love hanging out with and the one I told dear to heart
Which person I’ll be hurt over when we have to part

Though how we click tell me we won’t say “bye” a time near or soon
The friendship we have going on is not even near to bloom
But my heart won’t let me take the chances and hope too high
Because once you tighten your grip, the bird will go soar and fly

That might not be what had happened with me last group of friends
But I won’t take the chance this time just to be sad and sorry in the end
The familiar atmosphere and characteristics are all so reminding
But whether you stay for long or short depends on everything’s timing.

What to do…

What to do…

I see him watching me; watching us. I see how he glares at you. I see the disappointment in his eyes every once in a while when you arrive.

I sense his sadness when I’m having such a great time. I sense the intensity in the air between you two. I sense that you know what I feel, that you would be more than happy to help me out too.

But I don’t think it’s that simple. I don’t think this can be dealt with by logic; the problem, the issue isn’t that plain.

I know you would like to help. But I don’t know what you would do; I don’t know what I should do too.

I wish the problem would vanish before it was noticed. But too many people already know. It’s a little to clear and obvious.

I wish I knew what to do, but I don’t. I see him hurting, his sadness, his pain. But what can I do? I hope this doesn’t make me go insane.

February 20: A Plot of Earth

February 20: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?


The Plan:

1)     A doctor’s office

a)      Get doctors to volunteer and then start paying after income rises enough

b)     Spread the word around

c)      Discounts for certain people

2)     A writer’s corner

a)      Invite people to come write + get the chance to get published

b)      Invite publishers to come invest in good writers

February 3: Writing Room

February 3: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?


The perfect writing room:

  • It would be a large room, with all four walls and ceiling and floor, completely white and spotless. That way when I want to write something down, like an inspirational quote or line, I could write on all sides of the cube.
  • There would be two nice windows, one with a comfy bench in front of (it would be in the wall). One window would lead to the city view and the other would be the ocean view.
  • For furniture, there would be a large comfy tall chair in one corner with a small nightstand and lamp. There would be a nice large white desk in another corner with a medium size office chair, and all the pens, paper, pencils, notebooks, and material in general I would need. My laptop would be there, my headphones, my folders and all my previous work would be there. On the other side there would be a large king size bed with writing style sheets and pillows.
  • EVERYTHING WOULD BE WHITE. I would be able to write on all the flat surfaces and would be able to erase and rewrite whenever I please.
  • There would be a sound system for my music, since I like to listen to music to get inspiration (surround sound is the best, even when it’s quite)