A Friend Sees Illusions in Front…

A Friend Sees Illusions in Front…

When I see the tears that you cry,

the words and wisdom and what the heck and why

jumble up in my mind as I try to cheer you up,

but nothing is nothing when everything is tough.


The light given from what you have seen

is nothing to compare to the darkness that bleeds.

The hope and despair have come to intertwine,

but joy and happiness have yet to combine


The thorn in vines you grab to hang onto

cut deep into your hand before you have a chance to

let go and fall back but you won’t give up,

for the hurt torments, you’re trying too much.


You push what’s there and pull what’s not

but everything, at the end, is one big knot

that can’t be undone for it’s tied to tight,

but you try and try, the pain builds up a sight.


The sight of you climbing up in pain

is something to honor, and something to claim

as the most painful moment that I’ve experienced

for my friend grabs, at what isn’t there to deal with


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