February 3: Writing Room

February 3: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?


The perfect writing room:

  • It would be a large room, with all four walls and ceiling and floor, completely white and spotless. That way when I want to write something down, like an inspirational quote or line, I could write on all sides of the cube.
  • There would be two nice windows, one with a comfy bench in front of (it would be in the wall). One window would lead to the city view and the other would be the ocean view.
  • For furniture, there would be a large comfy tall chair in one corner with a small nightstand and lamp. There would be a nice large white desk in another corner with a medium size office chair, and all the pens, paper, pencils, notebooks, and material in general I would need. My laptop would be there, my headphones, my folders and all my previous work would be there. On the other side there would be a large king size bed with writing style sheets and pillows.
  • EVERYTHING WOULD BE WHITE. I would be able to write on all the flat surfaces and would be able to erase and rewrite whenever I please.
  • There would be a sound system for my music, since I like to listen to music to get inspiration (surround sound is the best, even when it’s quite)



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