What to do…

What to do…

I see him watching me; watching us. I see how he glares at you. I see the disappointment in his eyes every once in a while when you arrive.

I sense his sadness when I’m having such a great time. I sense the intensity in the air between you two. I sense that you know what I feel, that you would be more than happy to help me out too.

But I don’t think it’s that simple. I don’t think this can be dealt with by logic; the problem, the issue isn’t that plain.

I know you would like to help. But I don’t know what you would do; I don’t know what I should do too.

I wish the problem would vanish before it was noticed. But too many people already know. It’s a little to clear and obvious.

I wish I knew what to do, but I don’t. I see him hurting, his sadness, his pain. But what can I do? I hope this doesn’t make me go insane.


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