The Guy I See In Front

The Guy I See In Front

The guy I see is someone I admire.

He’s very smart, funny, kind, sweet, caring and overall amazing.

When I look at him, I see a friend and a brother; I see someone who will never abandon me. When he wrapped his arms around me, all I feel is safe and happiness. His voice that I hear is always soothing, comforting and strong. He makes the world seem like this wonderful place to live. That’s why I love what I see.

He’s the kind of person who would never turn from one who is in need, that’s why he’s so trustworthy. The moment danger is in his eye sight for anyone who is close to him, his alarm rings and he would be on high alert. It’s the over protectiveness character he has that is so admirable. His strength to carry on and lift people off from on the ground, his passion, drive and goals are all something that others would love to have.

He gives you the safe feeling that everything will be alright. That feeling you yearn for and need when everything seems to be falling apart right in the palms of your hands.

He gives you the feeling that you can be confident in yourself because of how much confident he has in you. Even when you think you can’t do anything correct or should just disappear from the world to make things easier on everyone else, he gives you the strength to journey on.

We have many great memories, though not as much as I would hope. I’ll always keep them with me wherever we go. He will always mean so much to me since he’s always been by my side helping, taking care of and being my guide.

But the guy I see is leaving. And I can’t bare to see that sight so I’m turning away. He’s taught me so much and I can’t bare to see him go. But I’ve been strong before and now I will be again.

The guy I saw is now out of my eyesight.

I hope he’ll come back real soon.


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