What Else Could I Ask For?….A lot.

What Else Could I Ask For?….A lot.

There’s so many things around me that I should be grateful for, things that would be considered priceless in someone else’s eyes; yet when you grow up with all these wonderful things around you, it makes everything seem just that much more worthless. You see the children these days, from the one-year-olds to the ones who are only twelve or thirteen, with all this new equipment and technology around them and we, as the older folk, didn’t even know about a few decades ago. They put up tantrums for the littlest things, from the right candy or the new app that’s coming out, not even knowing how much they have before asking someone else to give up something for their happiness.

This is the new generation. The generation that technology has built up to this day. How much technology has advanced is a wonderful thing, but to grow up around all this might be another. Will the children of today ever learn to appreciate what they have before they become the adults of tomorrow and the most scared generation ever known? 


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