A Child…Gone

A Child…Gone

A teenage boy, attending Fountain Valley High School, riding a bicycle was hit by a car on the street while not wearing his helmet. This boy, hospitalized, is announced dead a while later. March 22, 2013 was the day of this tragic event. By 2 o’clock the news spread out to his family and friends, including to his beloved high school English teacher, Steve Schutlz. March 22, days before the child’s sixteenth birthday (March 25), this boy is dead. 

The next Monday, Schutlz came to school in a black suit and wore a tie. Tears nearly falling from his eyes over this tragic loss, he talks to his students about life, how much they mean to him and the legacy of his student, who recently passed away. Regretting not being able to go around to each and every student, including this young boy, Schutlz tells his students how much he loves them and that he will always be there for them. He states that he will always listen about their lives whenever they want to talk. Schutlz also says it’s not the pay check that makes him come to work, but his students and how much he cares about them. After a while, tears are dropping around the classroom and the students set to work on their assignment: a letter to a loved one about how much they are worth, how much they care and how much they mean to the world around them.

I guess the lesson here is that, no matter how long life seems to last, no matter how torturous the problems seem, a person’s ended life can happen within days, within seconds, and will affect almost everyone around them. We all go around, knowing how much someone means to us but never having the guts to tell them or show our affection. Why? Schtulz says that it might be because we are embraced, afraid of getting teased, or anything else. But while we are being afraid of all of this, I”m afraid that one of the most hurtful things is loving words left unsaid, and unexpressed.

When you walk around today, tomorrow and every other day, please remember that three kind words from the heart, an act of affection, will make someone’s day and remind them how much they mean to this world. Because, like it or not, purposeful or by nature, no one around you will last forever. Speak up, lend a hand and do what’s right. Tell someone you love them. Share to someone how much they meant to you. Show the world how strong love and truly be. 

With love, there can’t be hate. 


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