He’s Fed Up

He’s Fed Up


It’s been a while since she talked to him. Knowing that so many things have changed since the time they met to this very day, she asks him, once again, how his opinion has changed from when they met; she hadn’t been satisfied when the only thing she got back last time was a question asking whether she wanted the sugar-coated version or the plain truth. She already knew it wasn’t going to be good from that point forward, but she tried to keep your head high and a positive mind. Her friend told her it wasn’t going to be as bad as she was thinking, maybe her friend was right.

She waited and waited, nervous as ever, for his reply. His reply ended up being “Fed up.” Her heart broke. Was he fed up with her? With their friendship? With what? With a hundred questions running through her mind, she tried to calm herself before typing a question mark on the keyboard and clicked enter. The wait was devastating. It was heart-breaking and bone crunching. The wait was torturous.


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