He Seems Great….

He Seems Great….

His name…well that doesn’t matter. His age…I don’t think it will either right now. His species…well, he’s a human. He’s a sweet-hearted, kind, caring, friendly human being. His kind…tries to always put others first. He almost got it down. He puts other people’s feelings first. Their thoughts and their circumstances first. He’s a wonderful guy. Well….he seemed like a wonderful guy.

Where do I start? So many things have happened from when we met until now. -sigh- I guess I’ll briefly go through it all. First, I had moved from one place to another. I still live at the same area but I am forced to spend most of my day somewhere else. I had met him through an old friend from school. It had been years since we really talked or anything. She saw that I didn’t know many people and decided to let me stay with her group and introduce me to everyone. A few were already known to me, we were all friends from school. But two people I met stood out to me the most, one would be my friend’s boyfriend (a very sweet gentleman) and the other being the boy I’m talking about. They both seemed very friendly and sweet, along with caring and trustworthy. Don’t get me wrong, they still both seem like very wonderful guys (one more than the other), but I guess the situations we were put through made things take a weird turn.

We all talked and hung out many times during each and every day. I was welcomed just as if I had always been there. It was very nice to be able to feel right at home at such a new and far away place. Although my move was very welcoming, I still felt a little out of place. But thanks to this boy, I was starting to feel wanted and at home once again. He seemed to be a great friend and my friend kept telling me good things about the guy. I didn’t think he could ever turn out bad. But the friendship was ruined with he asked me out, not even one or two months after meeting. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know the guy. Of course I declined, but I felt bad. He was a really sweet guy. I liked him and everything, but definitely not like that.

After a while, things seemed to settle down. He still talked to me, and things weren’t quite awkward anymore. I thought everything was fine, so I decided to forget he ever asked me out. Later on, I met another guy and he starting to hang out with us. He was really sweet, friendly, loving and caring. I was always smiling and laughing with him. I loved it. But the thing was, my first friend started to avoid me. He didn’t talk to me as much. He was really cold and bitter. I didn’t know what was going on. I became really worried. Even with this new guy I met, I was worried because I felt him watching us and I knew he felt horrible because something I did. After I talked to the rest of the group, I finally found out that he was more or less jealous, and giving me space to be with someone else. There was a misunderstanding. I loved being with this guy, but we were never dating or anything. But it was too late because even after telling everyone, things didn’t go back to normal. The boy who was trying to give me space and get over me, didn’t continue to talk to me, but instead avoided me even more. The new guy I met, started backing away, not wanting to develop feelings for me too strongly. I didn’t know what to do. Two wonderful guys walked away from me.

A while later, we all started talking again. It was much less often, but I guessed it was better than silence. I went along with it. The new guy became a great new close friend. My old friend and her boyfriend became really great friends. But the only person who didn’t develop this awesome connection with is the guy who asked me out. I shrugged it off, knowing he needed to get over me. I only talked to him when he talked to me. I knew it was the right thing to do. Then later, we started talking more and more. It was nice. Everything nearly went back to how they were. I was really happy.

But then, I hear that he got a girlfriend. The guy who asked me out got a girlfriend. It hadn’t been that long since he asked me out. Nearly only a couple months. I worried whether it was a rebound relationship. I went along with it. I met this new girlfriend of his. She shot daggers me way right away. I knew she didn’t like me. Day by day, he went to spend his time with her instead of us. I understood when it was their first weeks together as a couple and everything. But after he brought her over to hang out with us, I thought we were gaining a member of the group…but instead we lost one. Day by day, I saw less of him. We talked less. This, I shook my head at. The second he found someone to occupy his time with, he ditched me. And I had such high hopes for everything going back to normal.

He seems like a great guy. But…


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