We Are Lucky

We Are Lucky

After seeing this video and reading what had happened at a school in another state, I start thinking about how lucky we all are for all the people around us who would stick with us through something like this and help us, care for us and worry for us. Although, hopefully, none of us will have to go through something like this, as a victim or a parent, or even the suspect, I hope everyone can just take a step back and thank everyone for all the things they do for you and how much they care. Because of some brave students at this school, many lives were saved by them not leaving the victims’ sides. This just proves how good it is to have friends, wherever you might be. Even though you always have your parents looking out for you, they can’t be with you and watching over you every hour of the day. But your friends are always there, they are probably going through the same things you are and they understand what it might be like to be in your shoes.

Friends or not, I think we all need to say a few prayers for the students who have been wounded. Many of them were seriously injured and their parents must be the most worried. Their friends are waiting to see them, and we all are trying to figure out what made the 16 year old boy rampage across campus, stabbing his peers. 

Wish the students, and the police and investigators luck.


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