I remember when I was going through a really tough time in life. I don’t remember why I was so upset, or why no one seemed to get what I was going through, but I do remember feeling broken inside, forgotten, left out, uncared about etc. That’s because while I was going through what I was, some of my friends left me be when they knew I was having a tough time. I got to see who my real friends were. There weren’t many of them, but they are the ones I still have today, the ones who really care.

Then I remember seeing one of my friends, who I haven’t talked to in a long time, go through something heartbreaking as well. It didn’t matter to me if it was as worse as what I had to go through or whatever, it just broke my heart to see my friend get to down and upset. I think they think they need to deal with it alone, that they shouldn’t tell me what’s going on and vent to me about how they feel. But I want to do all that I can, everything I can, when I can, because I know what it’s like when there’s really no one around. Not only that, but because I genuinely care about my friends, I hate to see them shut themselves out from the rest of us and think no one can help them. I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to deal with something alone. I get that it could be easier at times, but it’s a lot nicer to have people there for you, those who you know for a fact really care and those who you trust. I might be one of those people to this particular friend of mine, someone who they truly trust, love etc. without thought, but I’m working my way there. I’m working to gain their trust, their confidence, their love. I want to be one of those people, or just that one person, who is always there for them, who will always listen, care, and help them, because I can’t stand just watching and standing around doing nothing. I can’t take it knowing that I could be doing something. But then again, I can’t do anything if they won’t let me, so that’s why I’m working my way there. Hopefully, I’ll get there soon.

Parents. Guardians. Teachers. Adults.

Parents. Guardians. Teachers. Adults.

When we start to grow up, enter our teen years, we begin to forget how much the adult world expects from us. It’s a whole different place that we will soon enter when we grow up, not even all of us getting in at the same time. We all grow up at different rates. Some of us will grow up as soon as we enter the last years of high school, while others won’t grow until they are in their late twenties. As teenagers, we are still growing up and trying to figure out many things in the world. We crave for the adventure we desire and yearn for the day we are considered as an adult. But while we are stuck in our dreams, we continue to play around in life and push past the responsibilities that come with being grown up. We ignore our parents, guardians and teachers who are trying to help us walk the right path. Most of us think we don’t need their help, we can figure things out on our own, or they don’t really know anything we don’t, but we’re wrong. The adults have experience we don’t. The adults have the knowledge we haven’t yet achieved. The adults are there for us, trying to care for us and teach us. The adults are a part of the world we yearn to be in.

The next time you ignore your parents, or think they are being the most annoying person they can be, try to remember they are trying their best to help you. Whether their methods be right or wrong, they are trying. The adults have a lot they can teach you; at the same time, you have a lot you can teach them back and remind them of. As adults, they might have forgotten the innocence of being a child and the curiosity of the teen’s mind, but they haven’t forgotten all the lessons they have been taught and all the tough situations they have been through. Whether they are getting through to the teen’s mind or not, they are trying the hardest they can. They are trying to help you swerve around the mistakes they have made and achieve something that they might not have gotten the chance to. The adults in your life, the ones who truly care for you, want the best for you and will help you in any way they can. 

When you look at your parents, a guardian or one of your teachers, don’t despise them with annoyance in your eyes, but look up at the with curiosity, pride and admiration. They have been through a lot during their lives. They have learned a lot and now they want to past their knowledge down to the next generation, hoping that it won’t get cut short. When you look at your parents, look at them with love, respect and honor. They care for you more than anyone else can. When you look at a guardian, look at them with respect, pride and admiration. When you look at one of your teachers, look at them with admiration, respect and honor.

The Dream DoorWay

The Dream DoorWay

Question game: If you had a secret door, that led you to five different places at the switch of a knob, what would you find behind the five choices and who would you tell about the door or even take with you to walk through it?

I remember my answer…a part of it anyways:

I wouldn’t really need five different places, a knob to go to five different spots. The dream secret door destination of mine would be a room. A plain white room. A very long, endless, plain white room. It would be full of things I love to do and things I would love to have. There would be all sorts of different cameras, tri-pods, canvases, pencils, laptops, computers, etc.

There would be windows that you could see a bunch of different places from and even doors that you could walk to those places through. Forests, mountain tops, grass fields, flower meadows, city sights, building tops, and so much more. All these places would be perfect for taking pictures and venturing off into when I need time alone.

There would be a bunch of cameras for me to take pictures with. Video cameras, professional cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, etc. The cameras would be there for whenever I wanted to take pictures, escape from the world and just be free of all the negative and focus on shooting the positives. Photography is an amazing part of my life that I would dearly miss if it were to be gone.

There would be canvases and paint and drawing pads and pencils and pens and much more. If I had time, I would draw. I would draw my heart out on paper.

There would be speakers and a music player and instruments. I would have music constantly on whenever I was in the room, even just softly. Silence is beautiful in its own way, but music can take over the mind of people whose hearts are into what they truly like. When I get bored, I would play. I would play the violin, play on the drums, teach myself guitar and fiddle with the electronic mixer.

There would be furniture. There would be a bed, couches, tables, chairs, stools, sofas, rugs, etc. There would be an endless amount of food and water.

Everything I need would be there. This is everything I want. This would be my dream room, my dream house, my dream world. I would love it there and I would probably never have to leave. Unless I wanted some company, then I would go find my friends.