Who Is This In Front of Me?

Who Is This In Front of Me?

The person I’ve set my eyes on is one who is most complex and difficult to understand. But, for everything that has come to this point, that’s all I want to do; to understand this person I see in front of me.

Words stated, from what I have seen now, don’t mean much, and yet I have all my attention on them when they are spoken.

The voice, the attitude, and the personality of this person are like no other. It’s different and could be matched by no other but the person who has perfected the act like it was a play. Every statement said, every look made, gesture seen and breath taken is what makes this person so intriguing.

The skills of the beholder haven’t been seen to their full potential and yet it’s like no one else has the capability to do such the same things. The actions that have been noticed by all the eyes that have visited the room are just as everyone would guess; normal. But the real performance is on the stage, where too few eyes have dared to look.

Behind the curtains and back from the stage is yet another secret hidden from the audience. It’s all that have ever been trapped in a box, screaming to be let free. But with the key so far out of reach, it’s like it doesn’t even exist.

In front of all of that, this person is definitely one out of billions.

Everything that has leaded me to this point in my thoughts have really made me open my eyes wide to watch what happens next. But whatever that might be, nothing will be if this jewel is left to go missing once again.


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