The Dream DoorWay

The Dream DoorWay

Question game: If you had a secret door, that led you to five different places at the switch of a knob, what would you find behind the five choices and who would you tell about the door or even take with you to walk through it?

I remember my answer…a part of it anyways:

I wouldn’t really need five different places, a knob to go to five different spots. The dream secret door destination of mine would be a room. A plain white room. A very long, endless, plain white room. It would be full of things I love to do and things I would love to have. There would be all sorts of different cameras, tri-pods, canvases, pencils, laptops, computers, etc.

There would be windows that you could see a bunch of different places from and even doors that you could walk to those places through. Forests, mountain tops, grass fields, flower meadows, city sights, building tops, and so much more. All these places would be perfect for taking pictures and venturing off into when I need time alone.

There would be a bunch of cameras for me to take pictures with. Video cameras, professional cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, etc. The cameras would be there for whenever I wanted to take pictures, escape from the world and just be free of all the negative and focus on shooting the positives. Photography is an amazing part of my life that I would dearly miss if it were to be gone.

There would be canvases and paint and drawing pads and pencils and pens and much more. If I had time, I would draw. I would draw my heart out on paper.

There would be speakers and a music player and instruments. I would have music constantly on whenever I was in the room, even just softly. Silence is beautiful in its own way, but music can take over the mind of people whose hearts are into what they truly like. When I get bored, I would play. I would play the violin, play on the drums, teach myself guitar and fiddle with the electronic mixer.

There would be furniture. There would be a bed, couches, tables, chairs, stools, sofas, rugs, etc. There would be an endless amount of food and water.

Everything I need would be there. This is everything I want. This would be my dream room, my dream house, my dream world. I would love it there and I would probably never have to leave. Unless I wanted some company, then I would go find my friends.


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