Day 1. Unlock the Mind. Writing 101

Day 1. Unlock the Mind. Writing 101

Writing. What does writing really mean to me? Writing means expressing yourself, describing yourself, and involving yourself with everything you think of. It lets you analyze deeper, think clearer and stand stronger. It helps you gain confidence. It gives you the power to speak up, and speak loud.

Writing. It’s nearly my life. It’s one of the few things I ever find myself doing when I have free time. It’s my path, my journey and my light. Once I get into a piece of work, it’s close to being impossible to get me to stop until I’m stuck or I feel like I’m done. Others rarely understand. Well…the people I know and talk to don’t. They think it’s weird that I actually love to write when they, “the normal people” they label themselves from me, despise every single essay or paper they have to finish. In my mind, it’s nothing bad but instead it’s something good. To love to write, is like loving to grow. You learn to grow as you learn to write. That’s how I see it.

Writing. I don’t know what I would do without it. All the hours I’ve spent writing would be empty and boring. All the memories I’ve written down would probably be lost and forgotten about. All the friends I’ve made because of my writing skills and passion wouldn’t be there, and with that all the memories I have with these people. Writing is basically what my life focuses around. Whenever I have nothing to do, I want to write. Whenever I’m bored, I want to write. Whenever I don’t want to work, I want to write. Whenever people ask me what I’m doing, most of the time I’m writing.

Writing. Is the perfect way to get lost. I get lost in my work all the time. I would sit there on my laptop or at my desk with a pen and paper, and get lost in the world I create on paper. You create your own personalized world. One that when you’re in it, the world we call reality is just one dimension you don’t ever want to visit again. On paper, you control everything. You have the power to change everything to anything. If you want this girl to like this guy, it works. If you want this girl to be super coincided, that works too. Anything works, as long as you can write it down and play it out. Like people say “Anything can happen,” this time anything can…but you have the power to control every thing to the smallest details.