Day 2. The Room With A View. Writing 101.

Day 2. The Room With A View. Writing 101.

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

If I could do such thing…I would go to my home high school. The place I grew up the most. The place I made the best memories. The place I will always cherish. The place I hold close to heart. The place that comes to mind when I think of my friends. The place I met all of my best friends. The place I loved to roam around. The place we would all just hang out and laugh. The place everyone use to hate going to but hated leaving too. The place I learned the most. The place I experienced the most. The place……………The place we called home.

The parking lot was a square…that had a small catwalk-like addition that led to the teacher’s area. Many cars were parked there all hours of the day. When it was empty, it was creepy. The auditorium had a small stage where the pep rallies would be held. The small benches had backs you could lend on, but that only encouraged everyone to sit on the top and place their feet where you’re suppose to sit. Going farther in, there were trees at various spots around the empty space. To the left, was the two story building (the 100 and 200 building) where most of the classes were. There was a stair case that split into two on the front of this side. The elevator was at the end. Nearby there was a patch of grass with one large tree in the middle with a park bench table underneath its shade. The patch was surrounded by a railing on three sides. A couple steps forward was another patch, and another. To the left was another building, one story, the 300 building. To the right from there was the 400 building and across the wide empty space was the 500 building. Walking down to the portables, the 600 building stood to the left as the gym was on the right.

I remember the last time I’ve been there quite well. I didn’t venture very long or far, since there was a limited time to when I could stay. I visited one of my classrooms I had spent the most time in. Nothing had changed. It felt like I hadn’t been there for over a year, but nothing was different. It still felt like home. The tables were in the exact same spots, the cabinets hadn’t changed and the computers were all in their places. I wanted so bad to stay for class…just one more time. But the clock was ticking and the time to go came a lot faster than I would have thought. If I could go back, I would visit this place. This classroom. This area. Why? Because I hold it close to heart.