What If I Could Meet MYSELF?

What If I Could Meet MYSELF?

I have recently posted some questions about this topic. I will take the chance to answer them myself now:

What’s the first thing you would notice about yourself if you were meeting yourself for the first time?

            The first thing I would probably notice about myself would be my shyness. It is usually the first thing people tend to note when they meet me, so I think I would be the same. If I were to meet myself, I probably would be very curious about the person I am (I am with nearly everyone I meet). Although the shyness is a no for me at times, I think I would very hesitant to really say anything at first and then start opening up to myself as I get to know me better and talk more.

What would you think about yourself?

            After a while, I think I would say that I am a quite interesting person. I tend to have many sides to me and therefore aren’t as predictable as a lot of people would think.

What would you love about yourself?

            I think I would personally love my passion for photography and writing. I love writing. It’s nearly my life and everything I do when I have the time. I love photography. It’s a very interesting and complex art that I would love to get into more as the years pass by.

What would you hate about yourself?

            I would hate how closed up I tend to be.

Would you get along with yourself? Why or why not?

            I probably would get along with myself, but because some characteristics might clash there might some tensions in certain situations.

Would you try to change yourself?

            I probably might try to change myself. Even when I go through life hating people try to change me, I know that I have my flaws and I should try to change. Out of habit, I would indeed try to change myself.

How would you treat yourself? Does it match up with how someone else currently treats you?

            I would treat myself like anyone else I treat right now. I personally think I treat people differently from anyone else, so I do not think it matches with how anyone else is currently treating me.

What would you encourage yourself to do?

            I would definitely encourage myself to ignore the haters and persuade a path in the arts industry if that’s what I truly love and can see myself doing as a career. I would encourage myself to never give up, trust myself and be confident in myself, and all the other normal stuff. Basically, I would tell me what I would personally want to hear.

What would you do for yourself?

            I would try to convince the people who go against what I love doing that it’s not such a bad thing but instead it’s a great thing, and I would give myself the confidence I needed when I was younger.

How would you say ‘goodbye’ to yourself?

            I would try to never say ‘goodbye’ to myself. A parting is never a good one. Each and every one takes something along with it, therefore you always end up missing something you were to use to being there.



If I could meet myself, I would definitely want to see how I am to other people. I personally am not the best self analyzer so it would give me the best opportunity to do so. 


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