Friends by Choice

Friends by Choice

She’s always got my back. I wonder why I never really understood that. I don’t think I ever cherished what I had because…I didn’t know what I had. I always thought she was always too busy for me, or has her own life to deal with so I never dared to bother her with my own social life, drama or plainly boy problems. I rarely talked to her about anything. I never asked her for anything. I didn’t dare to. She always seemed so busy. She has her own busy schedule, busy life, busy classes to attend to. I never thought there was any more room for me in her life. But maybe…I was wrong.

We are sisters anyways. We grew up together. She knows nearly everything about me; what I like, what i dislike, what i love, what i despise; but now that I think about it, I don’t really know much about her. Here I was trying to make myself so isolated from everyone that no one really knew me, my sister understood so much about me yet she is somehow the person I wanted to be. No one really understands her. Why is she always stressed? What is she so constantly worried about? When is she happy and when is she about to cry? ….Why don’t I know any of these things? I sound like such a great sister, don’t I?

But I do care. I do try to be there. But…she’s always so closed up from me. She always talks to our mom about things. She would go cry to her when she’s so stressed she can’t handle it anymore, but never to me. Maybe because I love to play too much…I wouldn’t understand for her. Maybe it was just because I was younger, and she was simply protecting me. Whatever it is, I want her to know that I do care about her. I do love her. I love her very much. Also, I would love to be there for her and will always be here for her as long as she lets me.

Like I said, I never asked for anything from her before. I never dared. But tonight, I did. I backed up my favor with sentences and sentences, not ready for her to say no. She said ‘Okay :)’ within seconds of me sending her the message. That moment, I understood. She has had my back this whole time. She has always been ready for me to go cry to her about anything in life that bugged me. She has always been there for me all these years. It was me who couldn’t see. It was me who was blind. I didn’t see that when I was looking around for this perfect friend, this perfect person to talk to and count on, my sister was right there behind me.

I love you, my sister. Never forget that.


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