Thank You…You’re Loved

Thank You…You’re Loved

A friend. They always make you smile. They always know what to say. They know you like no one else. They give you what you need/want when you need/want it. They care for you. They care about you honestly and full-heartedly. They look out for you over and beyond everyone else. They get you. They understand you. Aren’t they just perfect?

Well this person in my life right now isn’t the person I get to see the most often. Actually I haven’t seen this person in a long time; it’s almost been half a year now. Yeah, it’s a bit torturous not being able to see them but having the ability to talk to them nearly every day is enough for me, for now. I can live with this, for now. Of course I always hope that there will be a day we will see each other in person again and get the chance to just hang out and be us again, but I don’t want to push the limits too much and put my hopes too high.

This person has been there for me since the day we met. I hadn’t known it then, but they have always been there for me. They’ve looked over me, cared for me, and made sure everything was alright. They were the sibling I had always wanted, but at the time, when we first met, I hadn’t been clear about how much I meant to them nor how much of an impact they were having on me. I definitely did not know that one day we would have to part and go separate ways, sort of.

Right now, even though I hadn’t named a particular person, I would like to thank this person for all they’ve done for me, all the times they’ve stood by me and made many of my hard days easier to handle, etc. I would name particular things they’ve done for me, at least a couple, but I honestly can’t remember as much as I would like to admit. I apologize for that. There’s a lot of them out there, I know that. So, my friend, I thank you. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Thank you for appearing in my past and existing in my life right now. I hope you’ll stay a long way for the future as well. I don’t know what I would do if I lost a friend like you.

This post, isn’t just me thanking my friend, but also a message to the readers. People need to be told they are loved, needed, appreciated, and cared about. Maybe you think they already know, and it may be that they do, through your actions or just a message you’ve both known that’s been there but never actually said (if that makes sense). But either way, I think any person would love to hear the things you might have to say. There’s no shame in telling someone you love them. It might even make you stronger.

All of you, every single one of you out there, are cared about. Someone cares about you. Many people care about you.

All of you, every single one of you out there, are loved. Someone loves you. Many people love you.