Why Not?

Why Not?

“You can’t do this…because you aren’t ready to.” “You shouldn’t do this…because you can’t.” “You can’t do this…because they won’t let you.” “You can’t do that…because I won’t let you.” “You won’t do this…because it won’t change anything.” “You can’t do that…because it can’t do anything.” “You can’t do that…because I don’t want you to.”

You can’t this. You can’t that. You shouldn’t this. You shouldn’t that.

But why?

You can’t this. You can’t that. You shouldn’t this. You shouldn’t that.

Can you not? I know that I failed. I know I can’t do anything right. You don’t have to tell me, because I already know I fail at life.

All these words you throw at people. All these things that are “suppose to help”, “suppose to guide you”, “suppose to lead the way” or whatever else you can think of. But, in reality, do they really? Do they help and encourage, or do they really put down and make them shut down? Do they make a path, or do they really cut one’s life line? Do they give strength, or do they really just take away their courage or even pride?

Why do you say these things? In disappointment? In despise? Jealousy? Hatred? What? If you’re reading this, you might be asking yourself why only negative words are being used. You might mean well, in your position, but in my opinion these things hurt more than help. They can leave the person thinking why they are such a failure, why can’t they do better etc., or wondering if there is anything they can do anymore, if there is a place in the world for them etc. it hurts to hear these things. Once in a while, maybe it’s good to get a reality check (if the person even needs one) or hear about the future or whatever, but when it becomes more constant the negative feelings build up. It then might start making the person want to shut down, hide, or even disappear completely.

Some people think, “Why not? I’m just trying to help.” but in some cases, that’s not what’s happening. Maybe you can’t understand if you haven’t been there, the shoe hasn’t been on the other foot, but always try your best to try someone else’s shoes on. It might be that they see things a lot differently then you thought, or even hoped.

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