For My Readers and Followers

For My Readers and Followers

Hey Everyone!

24 days ago was my ‘one year anniversary with’. I would like to thank everyone who has followed me since then, since day one. Even though there aren’t many of you out there, each and every one counts because I know that’s one more person I have reached out to and can continue to do so. Thank you for being there and supporting me.

One year isn’t much, I know, but remembering it’s my first time blogging makes it mean more. Having that stepping stone, I guess, is really significant right now. It’s been one year. Everyone’s one year older, this blog has gotten one whole year in age. Fascinating, huh.

This blog hasn’t been the most interesting ( you can tell by my followers ) but I am always open for improvements. If you have a topic you want me to try, or have tried yourself and you really liked working with it, let me know. If you have pointers, feel free to run them to me. Anything helps, I think. Comments, feedback, etc. is always important in writing, or in any art or work.

Again, thank you for following me, reading my little pieces and staying with me.

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