A Poem Hating Love

A Poem Hating Love

I don’t want to feel. I don’t want to love.
I want these feelings to be locked up where they should be shoved
Broken follows the desire that one feels for another
When no one else seems to shine above this other

You dream of late walks on the beach, under that night sky
Then the mist lifts and you start to wonder why
Had the daylight come break your fantasy so soon
Why couldn’t the night last, with you two under the moon?

These feelings make you wish you weren’t living in the present
But in those spellbound eyes your other has; that world would be more pleasant
Because nothing come to compare, what you feel within
You want to be with them, your love, even if it’s a sin

See? Aren’t things complicated when you have to feel this? This fake love?
Imaging that your special other was sent for you, by an angel from above
Thinking there isn’t another they would love just the same
When, in reality, it might just be another stupid, time wasting game

I don’t want to feel. I don’t want to love.
The hurt and sadness within will always show above
The rest of those petty feelings, when you daydream about the one you hold close to heart
Knowing that, no matter how hard you try, there will always be a day you part

I don’t want any part of this. No matter how many happy affects it hold
The desire, the dreaming, the heart-lifting change when one’s so bold
To give in to the spellbound feelings and dream of this locked-up world
Even though you don’t know what’s real, what’s fake, you’ll never know for sure

Love is an element that is foreign to me. No one knows what it truly is, or truly could be
It’s a feeling that you don’t know where is, where it comes from cuz it’s not one you can see
You never know when the change happens, turning friends to a couple or more,
Turning the one you use to joke around with to someone you completely adore

You see? I don’t want to love. I don’t want to feel. This is what I don’t want to be
If you want this relationship of two people as a couple from me,
Then I’ll tell you you’re looking for the wrong person, someone who isn’t inside of me
This child who plays pretend in someone they don’t know, isn’t someone I’ll be


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