I Sleep When He Leaves, I Wake When He Returns

I Sleep When He Leaves, I Wake When He Returns

It’s abnormal having a friend who works night shift. Whenever I’m going to bed, I know he’s just on his way to work and nearly getting there. Whenever I wake up in the morning, on a normal day, I know he is just returning home to go to sleep. On a not-so-normal day, I wake up late and know he’s probably asleep somewhere in his house. With our routines like this, we rarely have time to actually talk and just hang out, but I guess something is better than nothing.

But that is…if we actually have something to talk about…

Things haven’t been the same with us. I have a feeling I know why but I know he doesn’t even see a difference. It’s not that there’s not much to talk about between the two of us (it’s always been like that) but it’s the fact that neither of us are really trying to hold a conversation anymore. Why? There’s just a wall built between us and no one sees a reason to push it down. 

I love this friend and he’s a great one indeed, but…

Keeping a strong friendship going on between two people who almost never see each other is pretty hard. In my opinion, even though I have heard the saying “True friends will never grow apart but get stronger…..”, I think we’re growing apart and the distance between us is affecting so much. I know that we aren’t trying as much either but there are many other things to worry about in each of our lives individually. 

I understand when he’s tired all week in the evenings, and he gets that I can’t stay up all night to talk to him…

But things are just…not right. 


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