Why Do I Get The Feeling No 1 Else Would Say That?

Why Do I Get The Feeling No 1 Else Would Say That?

I’m personally not one that gets mad very easily. I get annoyed, irritated and tired-of but not really ‘mad’. Even if I do get mad, it’s usually something I can shrug off and be over in thirty minutes at most. That’s the normal for me. If I get mad, it doesn’t last. So why did it this time?

As always, I was talking to my friend (the one I wrote this about: https://mysteriesoflifeyouandme.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/thank-you-youre-loved/ ). I’m going to spare you the unlovely details and just say I got pissed. Like the kind where you’re absolutely done with, don’t want to hear another word, etc. 

I think it was the day after I sent them this anger-filled message that they replied apologizing for not responding sooner and so forth. Even then, a day after I got pissed, I was still angry with them. Wow, right? For a person who shrugs everything off, that’s a long time to hold a grudge. 

As we talk throughout the night (with work, I had to respond between responsibilities whenever I could), I found myself eager to get back to talk even though I wasn’t in the best mood. Running the night in my head now, I see I could’ve easily just ignored the messages and continued working. But the thing is, I don’t think I could have. I wanted to talk. I wanted to forgive.

And like that, thinking of what I should do, ignore them, I sent the person a ‘I’m done with this’ message saying that everything was fine and that it’s not worth it for them to go through the trouble of trying to get me to forgive them if I was just going to get over it with time. Guess what he said? 

He said it does matter if it involves me. His exact words were, “It is [worth it] if it involved you babe…trust me if I have to change that part of me so you don’t get mad I will…it’ll take time but i will as long as [you’re] not mad at me.”

After that, I couldn’t stay mad at them. Even if he had called me “babe” like a boyfriend to a girlfriend, it sounded perfect to me. 


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