My “Plan”….Selfish?

My “Plan”….Selfish?

To people who hear anything, I might have been the cause of drama. My elementary friend didn’t like me because she thought I liked her boyfriend. She didn’t trust me. My new friend gets a girlfriend, and stops hanging around the group as often because his girlfriend thinks he was cheating on her with me. My best friend’s girlfriend hates me guts because he cares so much about me. He had to lie to her about where he was going just to visit me in the hospital.

What can I say? I hang around a lot of guys. It doesn’t mean anything though. They just have a simpler mind.

And no. I have never liked one of my guy friends like that. Their girlfriends are just delusional. No offense to any girl who does this, but why would you be with a guy when you can’t trust him to be around another girl? You’re with him because you trust him and love him, right? So why is it a problem when he hangs around, gets along with, or cares about another girl? Friends can be friends.

My ex-group was my elementary friend and her boyfriend, and then my new friend, and then myself. Well, I’m done with the drama. If I try to fix it, she won’t admit she has something against me and I’d have to force it out of her. I talked to her boyfriend and he says not to do that, worried it would only make things worse. I wanted to! It’s getting out of hand. Her boyfriend and I don’t dare talk to each other anymore because of her! My solution: Leave.

Yes, leave.

I’d rather loose two friends than have them get into a fight or something over me. I’d rather get hurt myself than see her get hurt because of me. I’d rather not talk to him again, than have him worried sick over the two of us. He has a girlfriend and his duty is to protect and be there for her first. Not me. He’s a great guy and I’d love to have a close friend like him. But if it comes with going through drama like this, along with everything else in my life, I’d have to say no thanks.

No one needs a friend. Everyone just wants one.

I’ll be fine on my own.


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