Dye My Hair…?

Right now my hair is long and black. It’s straight, yet a little wavy at the same time. I’m getting boring of black. I don’t want to dye all my hair but maybe bits of it? What do you guys think? Here’s what I’m thinking:

Dye the end of my hair. Instead of blonde or something normal and boring, I was thinking dark blue. 

Get dark blue highlights? I was watching Big Time Rush for some reason the other day and saw that girl with red highlights. Her name was….Lucy Stone? I like her hair, but I want mine blue and probably less highlights than her. 

Third idea was dye the end of my bangs and the front pieces of hair dark blue or dirty blonde. (First I’d cut my bangs to a side sweep emo cut thing…I have no clue what that hair cut is actually called) Christina Grimmie use to, or does, have her hair like that. 

Yes I love dark blue

What do you guys think?


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