A New Face. A New Friend.

A New Face. A New Friend.

I followed my mom to a temple event yesterday as the photographer for my temple. There were a hundred people there for the event at least. There were at least three different news companies there with their crew. There were even the mayors of Westminster and Garden Grove, CA there. It was this huge deal with the Buddhist community I guess.

There I was talking pictures and a guy sitting near me asks if I was with the newspaper. I say ‘no’ and he laughs and says he thought I looked a little young. This guy caught my attention for some reason, seeming like a great guy, and I hoped he was not too far from my own age. We talk later and keep on talking throughout the event, until he leaves. 

Before he leaves, he reminds me that he just moved to the area from far away and doesn’t know anyone. He gives me his number and says to hit him up whenever to hang out, even knowing that I was a lot younger than him. We agree to hang out some time and we part ways. Sorta.

That night I text him, asking if he wants company since it was his first official night at his new place, and we talk for at least an hour before he falls asleep due to exhaustion. The next morning I send him the pictures he wanted from the event and ask if he wants any more. When I was going through the pictures for the temple I go to, he calls and asks if I want to go eat with him and he would pick me up, not realizing I live very far from where he does (even though I attend school around him). With the offering for dinner off, I brought up the option of him coming to visit me during school in a couple days since he seemed to really want to hang out. 

That’s where things are so far. I hope I have found a new friend 🙂 Wish me luck haha


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