Him. Maybe? No.

Him. Maybe? No.

I have a crush. I think…

Usually I don’t gush over some guy. Usually I don’t think of dating. Usually I don’t freak out when a guy calls. Usually I don’t try so hard to get his attention. Usually I don’t stammer around guys. Usually………I don’t do this.

But he’s different. Other than the fact that he’s too old for me, he seems perfect. He’s friendly. He has a wonderful sense of humor. He’s caring. He’s loving. He’s sensitive. He’s nearly everything I want in a guy, but he’s too old.

Now what?

We’re friends. I love talking to him and he seems to really enjoy my company. He doesn’t look at me like some kid or something. He puts us on the same level, and we are in the same generation.

I don’t know…being friends seems great. I would love to become close friends with him. But dating? No. Just No.


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