My Life

My Life

Everyone goes around trying to live their life to the best extent they can. They want to be happy. They want to do it all. They want it all. But…what is really the perfect life? Do you have to have everything? Do you have to be able to do everything? To me, no you don’t. To me, my perfect life would be simple.

My perfect life would be a life I would be perfectly happy in. A life where I have time to just be myself, be by myself. A life where I can just sit at my laptop, at my desk, to write, to listen to music, to draw or to search the web. My perfect life would be a life with my family and friends, where we all get along. There wouldn’t be any secrets. Everyone would accept everyone else for who they are and what they are. Everyone will try their best to understand everyone else. Everyone would be happy and comfortable and themselves. My perfect life would have solutions to everything. 

My perfect life doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’, as in no drama, no problems, no work, etc. It just has to have the support everyone needs, and the encouragement and the confidence everyone wants. If I have troubles, I would know I’m not alone. 

In my perfect world, I would be able to be myself and not worry about being judged. I would be able to say what I want without worrying about getting yelled at. i would be able to do what I want without being scolded. I would be able to feel what I do without thinking I have to hide it. 

My perfect life, my perfect world, wouldn’t have everything. I wouldn’t be able to do everything in it. I wouldn’t magically be able to know everything in it. I would just be able to be me, be happy and be free. 

Thats my perfect life. What’s yours?


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