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Police Say Bomb Threat At Fountain Valley High School Was A Hoax

Fountain Valley High School Closed Following Bomb, Shooting Threat; No Explosives Found

People are saying there was an email sent to the school around 10pm last night, threatening a mass shooting and stating there were bombs placed around the campus. 

The police closed down the school and evacuated the school for safety purposes. The school then sent out a phone call to the students, announcing the situation briefly and warning them not to go to school. The school will be closed until further notice. 

The information found was posted in many different sites and on the news. A 17 year old male student had sent the threatening email and was questioned. The email had said the student was planning to bring a rifle on campus, and news stated the intension was to shoot and kill classmates on campus. 

There was a pipe bomb and a small fire found in the boys’ locker room, dismantled before it could go off. The email also warned about bombs placed around the campus, and the police had searched the site.

For Fountain Valley High School, school had just started a couple days ago. This week being their first full week of school, students are very scared and worried about returning on campus. Posts are all over Facebook and everyone is questioning what is truly happening and why a student would come to this kind of action.  


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