Close Guy Friend = GF Says I’m a Problem -.-

Close Guy Friend = GF Says I’m a Problem -.-

i think I’m alone with this issue. Hopefully, I am because I wouldn’t want anyone else going through this stuff. It’s too much.

The truth is:

I get a guy friend. We become close friends. If he has a girlfriend, or ever gets on, she hates my guts. Results in drama.

It happens every time. I swear. It does. And it’s annoying.

If you’re with the guy, you should be able to trust him with another girl. A guy and a girl CAN be just friends. Just look around you and it’s there. If you can’t trust your boyfriend to get along with another girl, care about another girl or hang around another girl without cheating on you, then why are you even with him? Right?

This keeps happening with every one of my friends. Yes, most of my friends are guys. It happens. But I don’t want to loose every one of them because their girlfriend, or future girlfriends, have a problem with us hanging out and talking. I’ve lost at least five friends like that in the past two years. Now? I’m running out of friends.

Anyone know what I should/could do? Advice would be helpful.


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