The Cuteness In…Him

The Cuteness In…Him

Him: -walks up to her- You’ve turned me down a lot whenever I ask you to go out to eat or just hang out.

Her: I know –sighs and looks down as she walks around him- I’m sorry

Him: -studies her- What is it?

Her: -walks to the sink- You’re a great guy. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to go out and eat o-or go to the movies…or just hang out….

Him: But…?

Her: -picks up a plate- My parents would never let me

Him: Your parents love me though. They would trust me to take care of you while we’re out

Her: I don’t know…. –tries to occupy herself with the dishes but fails-

Him: I’ve even talked to your mom. I brought it up with her and asked if she didn’t allow, and she said it is up to you. She’d let you go, no problem.

Her: -darts her eyes to him in surprise- really? –pauses and brings her eyes back to the dish in her hand- That doesn’t sound like her…

Him: She just wants you to be happy

Her: I want to be happy too…but I don’t know what it’s going to take to get me happy…permanently

Him: -pauses and hesitates before looking to the counter- what about a boyfriend?

Her: My parents would never let me date –casually replies-

Him: -shrugs and steps closer- Like I said, they love me –says with a little more confidence-

Her: -doesn’t really hear him- …and even if you’d get past my mom, there’s always my dad. He would forbid me to date anyone

Him: I think it just depends on you

Her: -glances at him and quickly looks away embarrassed- ….I-I just realized what we’re talking about

Him: -studies her- You really doubt yourself, don’t you…

Her: -slowly nods and sighs- Yeah. I doubt if I’m good enough for any guy I know, of even anyone I will get to know. I doubt whether they guy who thought he knew me so well and loved me would stay with me if he found out what I’m truly like. I doubt if I’ll ever be good enough to make the cut. I doubt-

Him: -puts his hand over hers, cutting her off- Stop doubting yourself. You’re wonderful the way you are.

Her: -looks down- You don’t know that. You don’t know me….

Him: -wait for her to look at him- I know you well enough to know that you are perfect in my eyes


4 thoughts on “The Cuteness In…Him

  1. How am i going to do my dialogue post now! Blow me straight out the water! Plus struggling to type for the darn tears, seriously how many more can there be! Love your posts always. So beautiful

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