“I’m Not Leaving”

“I’m Not Leaving”

Her: Hey Can we talk? *I miss you*

Him: -out with the guys- Hey of course, what’s up *I miss you*

Her: -remembers- Oh, wait…you’re with your friends. We can talk later 🙂 *I hope he doesn’t leave*

Him: -walks away from the group- Okay, I left. What’s up?

Her: -hesitant and a bit confused- …eh I’m just really bored *It’s so lonely here* –depressed-

Him: -laughs- You should come out and hang with us *I can’t wait to see her again*

Her: -hugs a pillow and feels even more alone- No…it’s okay… *I don’t want to bother him*

Him: -gets slightly worries- Hey, are you okay? You are…off :/ *I hope she’s okay…*

Her: -sighs- *he knows me too well* Yeah I’m fine, just kinda bored…and lonely –sighs-

Him: -grabs his keys- Hold on, okay? I’ll be back in twenty. Promise *I’d better get going*

Her: -tosses her phone on the bed- *He’d rather be with his friends any day* Okay 🙂

Twenty minutes later:

The door bell rings

Her: -opens the door in a robe- Hey –eyes widen- What are you doing here? *Oh my gosh, he’s here!

Him: -gives her a dozen flowers- You sounded really upset in the texts, so I thought I’d come over *I couldn’t wait to see you again*

Her: -speechless- *I can’t believe he got these for me* -takes the flowers-

Him: -smiles- Are you cold? –notices the thick clothes- *she looks so cute*

Her: -barely looks up and nods- *Why isn’t he with his friends? Why did he come here? Why me?*

Him: -leads her over to the couch and pulls her against his side- Come here… *she’s been crying*

Her: -rests her head on his chest- *I don’t him to leave* Thanks…. –smiles-

Him: -looks down at her and smiles- I’m not going to leave, don’t worry –hugs her tighter-

Her: -eyes dart open- *Did he…Did he just read my mind?* -relaxes as she gets sleepier- Thank you…


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