She Wished He Knew…He Did Know

She Wished He Knew…He Did Know

Her: When it comes to me or her, you’ll choose her.

Him: -shakes his head- You don’t know that

Her: -turns from him and wraps her arms around herself- But I do… -pauses- She’s your girlfriend.

Him: -sighs- You’re my best friend

Her: -shakes her head- You’ll still choose her. You love her –chokes back her tears-

Him: -hesitates- More than you?

Her: -tears fall from her eyes- …yeah –looks to the ground- You’ll choose her…

Him: -watches her intensively- Yeah… -nods- You’re right –starts to take slow step backwards- I’ll choose the person I love more –walks away-

Her: -clutches her sides and whispers- I wish you knew…. –cries-

A week later:

Her: -opens the door- What are you doing here? –eyes widen-

Him: -walks through the doorway- You never picked up your phone since we talked –frustrated-

Her: -follows him- Yeah, well….your girlfriend-

Him: -blurts- We broke up.

Her: -eyes dart to his- What?!

Him: -walks up to her- Yeah –nods- That’s why I’ve been trying to get to you, but you never answered

Her: -worried- I’m SO sorry… -feels terrible- What happened?

Him: -shrugs- I broke up with her

Her: -tilts her head slightly- What? Why?

Him: You said it’d end up being a decision between the two of you, and you were right –nods his head side to side- I wanted to get it over with

Her: -frowns- What? I don’t get it…

Him: -sighs- I told you I’d choose who I love more

Her: -watches him in silence-

Him: I do love her…

Her: -looks away-

Him: -takes her hands in his as he sits down in front of her- But I love you more

Her: -looks back in surprise- What?

Him: -nods- You heard me right. I love you more

Her: -hesitates- But…

Him: -cuts her off- But nothing. I love you, isn’t that enough?

Her: -starts tearing up and barely manages a nod-

Him: -pulls her into his arms- I love you –squeezes her tight-

Her: -buries her head- I love you too –closes her eyes with a smile-


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