Bringing Back The Old

Bringing Back The Old

Sometimes you just want things to go back to how they were. Even it would mean bringing back the old negative memories, events and things, having the happiness, cheer and wonders would be worth losing the things that have come to be.

When you look back and think about what you miss, there are probably hundreds that you could name. It might be a friendship you had with someone, a bond that got broken or even just the feelings you had when you were with someone. But now that all those things have gone away, what else do you have left?

When you look around you, thinking back to the old times, there might not be many things that come to compete with the memories. The horrible things that are happening around you are the ones that pop out the most, but, for some reason, when you think of the past, you just think of happiness.

Why is that?

….What’s old is what’s familiar. It’s what you’re use to. It’s something you know.

What’s new is something that’s unknown. It’s what you have to get use to. It’s something you have to learn.


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