The Darkness Still Hides Within You

The Darkness Still Hides Within You

When you look at your past, what do you think? When you look back, do you remember what you’ve done to come this far? Or do you remember just the negative? All the times you ignored someone’s wise words and got in a whole bunch of trouble for it. All the times you rebelled against your parents just because you could, and got a smack in the face with punishment. All the times you were too stuck on being stubborn and holding your ground, that you lost something more important than your pride. The times you failed at something you tried. The times you forgot to remember the things you needed to get done. The times you’ve been yelled at for something you had done wrong. The times when you looked back and thought yourself as a joke. You remember all of this, these little details, but you never seemed to get a hold on the rest, the positive, the joy, and the happiness in life. You have always been so caught up in what’s wrong, the black, the dark, that you are blind to what is right, the white, and the light. You’re blind to all the things you’ve done right, all the things that are good about you, that people should value. You’ve tried to seek out the happiness and have succeeded several times, but because you’ve been trapped for so long the darkness still hides in your eyes.

Just remember that you have more to offer than failure and mistakes. You have potential. You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Ignore the criticism and focus in on the positive.


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