The Ultimate KEY

The Ultimate KEY

The password to the laptop. The key to the lock. The code to the phone. The answer to the riddle.

Everything has a lock guarding it. The heart, also has one. But what is the password, key, code or answer that opens this complicated lock. It’s the main concept that, once a person has, he or she could basically do anything, depending on how much of the key you give to them.

Yes, it comes in pieces. No one will ever have it all either. Maybe one shall come close to gaining the whole key, but are all the pieces stable and useful?

Yes, there are some pieces which are unstable. They could break in your hands in a split of a second, a blink of the eye or just one heartbeat. These are the ones that aren’t very useful when trying to open the lock.

The key also has a few copies. The copies will try in fooling you that you have gained the access to the heart. But, you have to check if your copy is the real, one-of-a-kind, ultimate key. Some are fake. Others break too easily and aren’t strong enough to open anything. A few, you can never be sure if it opens the right door or not. They might look the same, but is it really the right one? That’s why you have to check. But checking isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish.

But before all of this; the checking, gathering and searching. You have to know what the key ultimately is. It comes in different forms, just as the key does. So you have to be careful. Just one wrong move, you could lose all the pieces you have gathered. That’s why it’s so precious. You also have to use it correctly, or else it disappears from your possession.

The key. The mystery key that unlocks the fragile object of a heart, is trust.

Use it wisely.


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