Black and white. Sometimes those are the only colors I see. When all the feeling is gone, there’s nothing left to see. Your heart turns to stone and black, white and grey are all the colors you see.

Strength. Passion. Love. Determination. Joy. Sunshine. Energy. Life. Jealousy. Harmony. Trust. Loyalty. Wisdom. Confidence. Faith. Dignity. Gone.

Green. Red. Yellow. Blue. Orange. Purple. Gone.

The only things left aren’t many. Light. Innocence. Purity. Elegance. Formality. Darkness. Death. Evil. Mystery. All still here. But what’s the point? Light and dark cancel. Innocence and evil demolish each other. Purity and mystery are basically opposites. Elegance and formality? What’s the use of these luxurious manners?

Black and white. The only colors here. But is there really anything left if everything else has disappeared?


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