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When I look at myself in the mirror, I see my scars. I still can see most of them very clearly as they sit on my skin. I see them, and think, “Do I even remember what I look like … Continue reading

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Have You Ever

Have you ever loved something so much it was what your life was surrounded around? But then you realized you didn’t love it as much for what it truly is then you did for the fact that you could hide … Continue reading

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Her: -mumbles- I wonder what I look in your eyes…. Him: -smiles- I see a beautiful young woman -pauses- who doubts herself and needs someone to constantly remind her of who she truly is. She needs someone who get rid … Continue reading

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He Knows Me…Now What?

He knows me too much. ———— It scares me. When I look at him, when I walk by him, when I look into his eyes…I know he sees it. I know he sees the sadness I try to bury inside. I … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

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It hasn’t been a very exciting week and there isn’t a lot to share today.  Things have been quiet.  Too quiet really.  Though I will try and see if I have some things to…

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A Nightmare…

I remember talking to a friend. He was talking and I was laughing. Then another friend, one who everyone has been saying I should never date, comes up from behind me. I didn’t see neither of their faces, but I … Continue reading

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I Want To….

I want to leave here. I want to go out in the world. I want to travel to new places. I want to see new things. I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to feel like … Continue reading

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I’ve Missed You

Her: How’s she? Him: -shrugs- She’s good…I think…How’s he? Her: -sighs- He’s well…I think… They sit in silence. Her: *I was only with him because you broke it off. I thought it would get me over you.* Him: *I was … Continue reading

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