I’ve Missed You

I’ve Missed You

Her: How’s she?

Him: -shrugs- She’s good…I think…How’s he?

Her: -sighs- He’s well…I think…

They sit in silence.

Her: *I was only with him because you broke it off. I thought it would get me over you.*

Him: *I was only with her because I thought she could replace you in my heart*

Her: *I was wrong…*

Him: *I was wrong…*

Her: *I miss you…*

Him: *I miss you…*

They look up and their eyes lock.

Him: -half smiles-

Her: -shyly smiles-

Him: -hesitates- …I-I’ve missed you

Her: -eyes widened in disbelief- …I missed you too

Him: -after a long silence passed- Can we start over? –searches her eyes with fear-

Her: -smiles- I’d like that –looks into his eyes with hope-


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